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Top 20 Banks Will Start Using XRP ( Ripple ) By 2020 End : Brad Garlinghouse

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Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse has made a prediction for 2020 for cryptocurrency adoption. In this month’s Ripple Insights blogpost, Garlinghouse estimated that starting next year, more top institutions will enter the crypto industry.

Garlinghouse said that “half of the top 20 biggest banks will trade digital assets.

While this seems to be a very difficult goal, but there is a evidence to support this prediction. Last week, the second-biggest bank in the US ( State Street ) partnered with Crypto exchange Gemini. Garlinghouse also said that 2020 maybe the year for central bank digital currency.

But as everyone knows, everyone is making a prediction these days, so I am not sure which one is true and which one not.

Let us know what is your prediction for the year 2020.

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